Dr. Wissam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, the Dean of the College, on Sunday 2020/11/22, chaired the fourth session of the College Council meeting with the presence of all its members. His sovereignty transmitted the directives of the Mosul University Council, especially regarding the scientific fields in the framework of seeking entry into global entries. In addition to discussing the issue of interest in pilot projects aimed at maximizing financial resources for the Nineveh Governorate, it was emphasized that the requirements for the 2020th Virtual Student Conference for Primary Students and the 2020nd Conference of Postgraduate Students, which will be held early in December 2020 and From the President and members of the Council, the efforts of the preparatory committees and subcommittees and supporting the preparations of our college for the first joint scientific conference with the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa, which will be held during February 2021 The Council emphasized the need for follow-up Scientific lectures for higher education students, discussing all preparations for the launch of the new academic year for primary students in 2020/12/6, especially regarding the preparation of electronic lecture schedules and the preparation of electronic links to the Ministry of Higher Education

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