Mr. Ahmad FarisIdris, one of the affiliates of the Human Rights Law Branch and the Librarian of our College, participated in the virtual workshop for the branch librarians and officials of the library's divisions and units on Wednesday 10/2/2021

The workshop aims to clarify the mechanism of joining the Central Library / University of Mosul, in cooperation with the Digital Information Center of the Abbasid Library, to the project of preserving the Iraqi scientific output

This project is an important part of the Iraqi scholarly legacy represented by university dissertations and dissertations

At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants were awarded certificates of participation

This participation comes within the keenness of the deanship of our college represented by Dr. WissamNemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, the respected dean of the faculty and members of the college council, to urge its members to participate in workshops and courses that contribute to the development of scientific and administrative capabilities and capabilities and to see the latest developments that contribute to the development of work and community service

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