In the presence of a number of official Iraqi ministerial and governmental figures, and the French ambassador in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Dr. Ziad Abdel Wahab Abdullah, one of the human rights law faculty members at the College of Law at the University of Mosul, participated in the cultural evening marked “The Night of Ideas 2022” (Rebuilding Together: Shared Water).Which was set up by the French Cultural Institute in Iraq - Baghdad on June 30, 2022. Participation was represented by a number of posters that dealt with the effects of the inclusion of the Iraqi Marshes on the World Heritage List as an archaeological site classified by UNESCO in 2016, in addition to the legal framework for the use of international river water and the problem of water scarcity And its pollution, in addition to many topics that fall within the common interest of water from a scientific point of view, and this participation represented the extent of the legal interest of our college for topics that are at the heart of the life reality of society, especially since water is an essential pillar of life. Therefore, providing legal treatments within scientific contexts and legal frameworks is a duty. Scientific and academic institutions that are responsible for providing scientific studies and academic research that provide treatments and solutions to international problems related to common rivers, and this participation comes within the programs of the Deanship of the College in openness to society and interaction withIts dilemmas in legal scientific contexts.

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