The private law branch at the Faculty of Law at Mosul University discussed on Monday, August 10, 2020 a master's letter on the legal effects of changing the legal form of companies / a comparative study, attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Wassam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, Dean of the Faculty and a number of members. Call the college board and teach it.

The letter presented by the student Sarah Salem Idris in the private law branch addressed the legal effects of changing the legal structure of the company, as this process represents the transfer of the company from one form to another without affecting the moral character of the company, where the personality of the company remains The morale strength does not go away, so Changing the legal form does not affect the moral character of the company, since the company whose shape will be changed will remain existing and retain its moral character.

The message aims to make a statement that the process of changing the legal form of a company is the process of transferring the shape of the company to another during its life without affecting its moral character and this is by following the procedures set down by the law without having any legal obstacle preventing the change.

The discussion committee was chaired by Mr. Dr. Mustafa Nateq Saleh, the members of Mr. Assistant Dr. Ryan Hashim Hamdoun, the assistant professor Dr. Manhal Abdul Ghani Mustafa, and the members and supervision of Mr. Assistant Professor Dr. Aiser Essam Dawood.

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