The branch of General Law at the Faculty of Law at Mosul University, on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 discussed his doctoral thesis on building peace in post-conflict countries and its impact in protecting diversity, attended by Dr. Qusai Kamaluddin Al-Ahmadi, President of Mosul University, and Mr. Dr. from Yer Salem Taha Assistant President of University Mosul for Scientific Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Wassam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, dean of the Faculty of Law and a number of members of the university, the faculty and its faculty.

Thesis presented by student Saad Salem Sultan in the branch of General Law addressed armed conflicts and concerns raised by countries and international organizations about what negative impacts they have on international security and peace in the light of an unstable international environment that makes it impossible to coexist and create cooperation in Different spheres considering that the international sphere It is the field of cooperation and integration, so it was necessary to create a stable environment based on the international law that governs international relations, therefore, we find many international factors seeking in their field of expertise to resolve conflicts and build peace in post-conflict regions.

The study aims to define peace building as a group of measures aimed at reducing the risk of extinction or reversal to conflict in strengthening national capacities at all levels to manage conflict and lay the necessary foundations for sustainable peace and sustainable development.

The discussion committee was chaired by Mr. Dr. Khaled Akab Hassoun, the members of Mr. Dr. Khalaf Ramadan Muhammad, the assistant professor Dr. Khaleda Zanoun Marai, the assistant professor, Dr. Abdul Aziz Ramadan Ali, and the assistant professor, Doctor Raqeeb Muhammad Jassim, and the members and supervision of Mr. Doctor Mohammed Younes Yahya.

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