Master's thesis in the human rights law branch on drug control and its impact on the protection of human rights,,,

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, the Human Rights Law Branch at the College of Law at the University of Mosul discussed a master’s thesis on drug control and its impact on the protection of human rights. Part of it was attended by Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi, President of Mosul University, and Assistant Professor Dr. Wissam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and a number of A member of the college council and its teachers.

I dealt with the message presented by the student Abdul Majeed Abdul Hamid HassanThe problem of narcotics and psychotropic substances, which has occupied an advanced position among the problems of the contemporary world, whose spread has become a threat to humanity and the international community as a whole, has increased to the point of being used as a hidden weapon in wars between countries, targeting in particular the youth category in order to transform them from an effective and productive national force into a destructive force. Paralyze society, squander its wealth and destroy its economy.

The study aims to demonstrate the extent to which the international community seeks to combat drugs to complement the role played by the national community, as it is a phenomenon that has implications and repercussions on various fields of economic, social, cultural and political life. Mechanisms for international cooperation in the executive and judicial fields to combat drug abuse.

The discussion committee was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Raqib Muhammad Jassim, the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Fathi Muhammad Fathi, Assistant Professor Dr. Qusay Abbas Ali, and the membership and supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Ziad Abdel Wahab Abdullah.

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