Research for a higher diploma in the Human Rights Law branch on the role of UNESCO in the protection of intangible heritage,,,

On Sunday, September 2, 2022, the Human Rights Law Branch at the College of Law at the University of Mosul discussed a higher diploma research on the role of UNESCO in the protection of intangible heritage. Part of it was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Wissam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi, Dean of the College and a number of members of the College Council and its teachers.

The research presented by the student Jassim Abdel Ali dealt with UNESCO’s interest in cultural heritage and the interest it resulted in intangible heritage, as it seeks to preserve, present, disseminate and transmit it through generations. The study aims to define that UNESCO is one of the specialized agencies working within the framework of the United Nations and has a role in preserving the intangible cultural heritage through its assistance and interest in intangible heritage, especially the 2003 Convention on the preservation and preservation of this heritage.The discussion committee was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Suhad Abdel Jamal Abdel Karim, the membership of the teacher was Dr. Faris Muhammad Hussein, and the membership and supervision of the teacher, Dr. Uday Muhammad Reda.



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