In the interest of the Dean of the College of Law at the University of Mosul and the members of the College Council to spread the legal culture among the groups and segments of society, the College of Law, represented by the Human Rights Law Branch, has been celebrating international days and highlighting them, as the third of December coincides with the day dedicated to celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities , which is referred to by the term “disability” is a prerequisite for supporting human rights, sustainable development, peace and security, and it is central to achieving the sustainable development agenda in relation to ensuring that no one is left behind, so the commitment to realizing the rights of persons with disabilities is not a matter of justice Not only that, but it is also an investment in a common future. Most individuals suffer from a temporary or permanent disability at a certain time in their lives. Despite this, there are few countries where there are sufficient mechanisms to fully meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

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