The University of Mosul is in the prestigious ranks of the international scientific rankings
The results of the Spanish webometric classification, in its version issued for the year 2023, showed the progress of Iraqi universities in it.
As the University of Mosul ranked fourth among 122 Iraqi universities, as it advanced one place from the classification version in 2022,
The University of Mosul was also ranked 99 among Arabs out of 1,368 Arab universities, and ranked 2,546 globally out of a total of 11,933 international universities.
It is noteworthy that the University of Mosul has appeared in this classification since 2010 until now. In the results of the classification for the year 2022, the University of Mosul appeared globally with a sequence of 2999 and locally with a sequence of 5.
This classification is concerned with indicators of scientific publishing by citing the research of researchers at the University of Mosul and the impact and spread of the university's website. The classification is based on the sources of Google Scholar profile by 10%, Scimago by 40%, and Ahrefs Majestic by 50%.
It is proceeding on the path to achieving the requirements for entry into international classifications through the will of its scientists and researchers who continue their efficient scientific endeavors in making progress and development and catching up with the wheel of global scientific development.


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