The Council of the College of Sciences held its 18th regular session, headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Hiyam Adel Ibrahim Al-Taii, Dean of the College and membership of both Mr. Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Mr. Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and gentlemen heads of departments and in the presence of both the responsible lady of the Division of Higher Studies and the head of the Registration Division At the college on Wednesday 27/5/2020 via cyberspace, the council discussed the most important decisions regarding the performance of the electronic exam and the selection of the appropriate means to perform the exams and their dates. Emphasis has also been placed on preparing the lists of the students tasks, provided that they are not less than half the degree specified for the subject according to the ministerial instructions, and it was agreed to perform a one-stage experimental exam for all stages and for initial and higher studies to be conducted before the official date of the exams so that students are informed in advance of the mechanism and to makes it easier for them to take the final exam.

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