Within the framework of the societal and humanitarian activities of our college and under the guidance of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Hiyam Adel Ibrahim, the Guidance Unit organized with a group of faculty members and students of the Science and Creativity team an inspection visit to the Thalassemia Center at Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital to provide moral and material support to them and educate their families to follow up on their condition Psychological and health, during the inspection tour, the injured children and their families were met and gifts and symbolic amounts were presented to them with encouraging phrases to raise their determination that positively affect their psychological and health condition.

On the other hand, and in confirmation of the slogan of the University of Mosul, “The University in the Service of Society,” the committee organized a field visit to the right side, where, with God’s help and then with the help of donors’ hands, aid was distributed and debts of shops and pharmacies cleared for needy families and orphans, may God reward everyone who contributed In this blessed charitable campaign in this holy month.

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